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Strategic Action Group

People Focused Management Consulting

Strategic Action Group, Ltd. has been working with organizations since 1991 on the establishment of integrated people systems that are unique to our client’s culture and business plan. The ability of your organization to define your unique behaviours for success facilitates designing the organization for engagement and performance.  Our approach is to work in partnership with our clients to ensure the client has a program built specifically to their needs and based on the client’s particular statements of behaviour and company values.  


There are two main streams of the work that we do: the Behaviourally Integrated Organizational Development System and Cultural Articulation/Strengthening.

Behaviours as Differentiators

By aligning your people with the behaviours that define your values, you will build a strong and sustainable organization. Hiring, managing, developing and promoting people aligned to the values and who are in line with your purpose, mitigates risk and enhances retention and productivity. It creates an engaged workforce. Role behaviours will help you take your organization to the next level. Knowing which behaviours drive your success will help you focus your energy on driving a culture of purpose and performance.


We are driven by the recognition that people are:


  • Hired for their knowledge, skill, and experience

  • Rewarded for their results

  • Promoted for their development

  • Fired because of their interpersonal behaviours

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