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​Values drive attitudes which drive decisions and behaviours. We act the way we do because of our values. Values drive the behaviours and the culture that define an employee's experience working within your organization. Values can be seen as the ground rules for effective performance within the organization. By articulating the authentic values of your organization, you are able to define and strengthen the culture that has made your organization successful.​

Set in place by the founders, organizational values are strongly held beliefs that are:

  • Emotionally charged

  • Universally held

  • Resistant to change

While the values can help you define the correctness of behaviour, your vision can help you define where your organization is going. ​A strong vision will inspire your employees to action while helping giving meaning to their daily work. In order to be effective, a vision must be aligned with Values of the organization.

Leaders Will Always Act on the Covert Values

Some of the positive impacts that properly articulated Values Behaviours and Vision have on your organization:

  • Engage people in a purpose beyond the daily work that needs to be done

  • Alignment of the covert and overt cultures creating consistent communication and predictability

  • Ability to make all people and business decisions based on the ethical foundation of your company values

  • Line of sight between each employee's work and the vision inspires people to greater productivity

  • Employees will be empowered by understanding expectations of them and how others will behave, increasing discretionary effort

For more information on articulating your Values and/or Vision, click here. If you would like to discuss how Values and Vision articulation or our other services can help your organization, please contact us using the form here.

Values and Vision Articulation