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Employee Surveys are a great opportunity to assess the current state of the organization, both at a specific moment and over time. Depending on the requirement we are able to provide a variety of survey services, including, but not limited to pulse, pre-engagement/post-engagement, and content validation. Our surveys focus on the indicators that will be best leveraged for decision making. We also conduct surveys to confirm the impact of our engagements with our clients. This ensures the quality of work as well as our accountability for helping you accomplish your goals.


We Focus on Data You Can Leverage


We have found that it is important to limit the number and size of surveys in order to minimize survey fatigue. For collecting the best information, you need respondents to be engaged and believing that the survey will make a difference. Our surveys are built with a fundamental understanding that engagement is internal. We attempt to assess both the precursors of engagement as well as the results of having an engaged work force. We collect and analyze all data externally from your organization to ensure there is trust among the employee population of the confidentiality of their answers.


360˚ Feedback


We have been involved with multi-source feedback for over 30 years. During this period of time, we have learned what works and does not work when using this tool. We have developed a comprehensive process that engages not only the feedback receivers but also the feedback providers. 


It is essential that your 360˚ Feedback instrument reflect only the behaviours that are authentic to your organization. As such our approach is to uniquely customize the questionnaire specific to the needs of the organization.

Some of the positive impacts Surveys and their related Analysis have on your organization:

  • Make targeted design decisions

  • Finds ways to get the most impact with minimum investment

  • Analysis done externally allows employees greater freedom for candour

  • Demographic information will allow for detailed understanding of the current state of your organization

  • Customization to your needs so the questions are relevant and meaningful to your employees

  • Focused action planning for more effective execution of the business strategy

For more information on our Surveys, click here. If you would like to discuss how our Surveys or our other services can help your organization, please contact us using the form here.

Surveys and Analysis