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A mature Succession Planning process focuses organizations on building something meaningful that enables execution of the business plan and is aligned with their corporate values. The process begins by focusing on building a relevant and defensible model of leadership that will sustain business success.  After the development of the model, we guide you through building a series of activities that enable differentiation of employees who are Role Experts, High Potential, or Promotable.


It is also important to have in place a full leadership development curriculum (a series of formal and informal activities) that over time enable High Potential participants to acquire the knowledge and behaviours required for new roles. 

Succession Management Needs a Mindset Change 


The traditional thinking on succession is a ladder with a person moving upward. To build a more dynamic plan, the ‘up the organizational ladder’ think needs to be replaced by the paradigm of a jungle gym or a climbing apparatus. Creating a mindset where success means the mastery of different capabilities and competencies will open the thinking of employees to the fact that there are many more opportunities than just remaining within the structure of their current role.

Some of the positive impacts our Succession Planning program will have on your organization:

  • Multiple qualified candidates for future leadership openings

  • Clarification of the differences between high potential and high performers based on a clear set of objective criteria

  • Minimize subjectivity when determining high potential candidates

  • Targeted development for high potential employees

  • Retention of highly capable employees who are helping you build toward your future

  • Stability of leadership behaviours and organizational values

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Succession Planning