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The ROI of an effective Structured Behavioural Interviewing program over a traditional interview process can be attained within two new hires. That is all it takes to see a return from focusing on your own company's behaviours. Research has shown that Structured Behavioural interviewing that is based on your values and job specific behaviours improves the quality of hire and fit for both the candidate and the organization. One of the major differentiating factors of this workshop is our behaviour-anchored rating scale that gives answers based on the frequency of the candidate’s demonstration of correct behaviours in terms of how recent and frequent. 

Hiring for Fit Will Lower Costs While Improving Engagement


Our approach to structured behavioural interviewing has assisted our clients by increasing their selection and retention of quality candidates two to five times over their previous methods.  These are quality candidates that are more likely to stay in the organization reducing further recruiting costs. We have partnered with private and public-sector organizations around the globe to help them hire right the first time. The results of behavioural interviewing can be measured by a variety of means, all of which results in an improvement to the business. 

Some of the positive impacts our Structured Behavioural Interview Program will have on your organization:

  • Significant reduction in hiring costs

  • Higher retention from getting the hire correct based on knowing the right information to seek

  • A calibrated understanding of how to score the interview among all interviewers throughout the organization

  • A stronger culture by hiring for the unique behaviours required in your culture to be successful

  • Improved offer acceptance rates

  • More engaged and productive employees

  • Company cultural stability

  • Lower training costs for new hires resulting in improved ramp up time to productivity

  • Better fit to the company culture

For more information on Behavioural Interviewing, click here. If you would like to discuss how Structured Behavioural Interviewing or our other services can help your organization, please contact us using the form here.

Structured Behavioural Interviewing