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Role Clarification

Over time roles can become unclear between people and among teams. Much of the work that is done on a daily basis isn't listed on job descriptions. Consequently, it can become difficult to differentiate whose role it is to do which task. This can lead to either duplication of efforts or some tasks slipping through the cracks. Through our comprehensive process, we have helped people gain an understanding of what their role is, as well as the role of each person on the team. Greater clarity helps people focus on their personal connections to co-workers and the common goals and objectives of the team and of the organization.


Lack of Role Clarity Can Slow Down Your Business. Poor Design Will Slow It Down Even More


Role clarification is as important between teams as it is among team members. Too often work is done in silos without an understanding of what each other group is doing. By understanding the whole process as well as the common objectives, team leaders can discern to whom each step of the process logically belongs. Common goals and objectives bring the organization together making it easier to achieve your strategy and move closer to your vision.

Some of the positive impacts that Role Clarification will have on your group and your organization:

  • Better workflow

  • Reduction of in-fighting allowing people to move forward together

  • Clarity of expectations among team members

  • Eliminate duplicated work

  • Reduction of tension and stress improving the employee experience

For more information on Role Clarification, click here. If you would like to discuss how Role Clarification or our other services can help your organization, please contact us using the form here.

Role Clarification