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We have integrated traditional performance management and employee/leadership development programs, making them a forward facing, impactful program. Historically, performance management has been a lagging indicator that had minimal impact on the organization's ability to meet its targets for the following year. In order to have a positive impact, we have created a feedforward process that helps people continuously improve in ways that benefit themselves and the organization.


Employee Performance Development Leads to Organizational Performance Development


The Performance Development process engages employees to focus on the actions that will enable them to meet their upcoming commitments.  This process begins with the identification of their specific needs, their alignment with the culture of the organization, and their understanding of their unique contribution to achieving the strategic business plan.


By defining their alignment and contribution at the start of the process you provide your employees with the capability to hold meaningful dialogues focused on achieving the desired upcoming business results.  Performance Development enhances employee understanding of how performance is the mutual responsibility of the direct report and the manager.  It also illustrates how it is the direct report who will ultimately decide the outcome of the process by the actions they choose to take.

As a result, employees will understand how they are currently performing while also learning how they can continuously improve.

Some of the positive impacts our customized Performance Development program will have on your organization:

  • Employees who understand how they are currently performing while also continuously improving

  • Managers that are able to use performance dialogues to help their people attain higher success

  • An organization that is designed for continuous learning and improvement through its people

  • Improved organizational performance attained through individual development

For more information on Performance Development, click here. If you would like to discuss how Performance Development  or our other services can help your organization, please contact us using the form here. 

Performance Development