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The process of onboarding actually begins with your first contact with a potential individual when they encounter your job posting. The process continues long past the day they accept the job offer.  As Jan Carlson of Scandinavian Airlines remarked; Every moment is a moment of truth. As such the process of integrating the employee and getting the person up to speed is not simply an orientation process. 


Facilitating the new employee's assimilation into your organizational culture will reduce their stress and improve their speed to full productivity. Onboarding is your organization's opportunity to influence the employee experience for the positive before the new hire's first day. The employee experience begins during the recruiting process. What messages are you sending intentionally and what messages are you sending unintentionally? By formalizing what experiences the employee will encounter prior to their first day, as well as within their first six-plus months, you are able to control which messages are being received by the employee. You are also ensuring the employee learns the correct behaviours for success before day-one on the job.


Starting at a New Organization can be Stressful. It Doesn't Need to Be.


There is a variety of research that has demonstrated a clear connection between a quality onboarding program and employee retention, especially in the first year of employment. Through dialogue with you, we will help you find the right way to onboard your new hires and new promotions successfully helping them hit the ground running. Once the onboarding process is implemented through your organization, we then provide a post onboarding evaluation to ensure continuing quality. Onboarding should be treated like all other people activities and must be owned by the manager of the new hire or of the recently promoted person.

Some of the positive impacts an effective Onboarding program will have on your organization:

  • Savings from having lower turnover and having to repeat the recruitment process yearly

  • Increased speed to productivity for new hires and new promotions

  • Enabling the new hire to understand the company values and corresponding behaviours upon arrival

  • A sense of belonging to the organization prior to day-one on the job.

  • Ease of stress for new employees as they transition into your organization

  • A checklist for managers and coworkers to ensure the new employee’s expectations are met and all is in place at the right time

If you would like to discuss how Onboarding or our other services can help your organization, please contact us using the form here.