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Cultural Articulation/Strengthening Your Culture

Your organizational culture has been in place since the first days of the organization. Culture is started by the founder(s) of the organization who imprints the organization with their values, management, and leadership style. Culture is practically defined by observing the behaviours and decisions that drive your organization. 


Culture is in the DNA of Your Organization


Leaders demonstrate their values in the decisions they make and the actions their take on a daily basis. In turn, employees will then interpret their decisions as either consistent or inconsistent with what they have been told about the culture. Within the organization, there are often two cultures: the overt culture (the stated values on the poster) and the covert culture (the values that truly drive decision making, the authentic values). Only when the overt and covert cultures are the same can you build on the strengths of your culture. When the overt and covert cultures do not align, you create an environment of cynicism.


Our Cultural Articulation/Strengthening Your Culture Engagements consists of three main programs: 

Some of the positive impacts that a strong, well-articulated culture has on your organization:

  • Hiring for fit will facilitate more productive workers with longer tenures within the organization

  • Clarity of expectations creates a more psychologically safe work environment

  • Change management becomes easier because it will be connected to the values and vision of the organization

For more information on Culture Articulation/Strengthening Your Culture, click here. If you would like to discuss how Culture Articulation and/or Strengthening or our other services can help your organization, please contact us using the form here.