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 Past behaviour is said to be the best predictor of future behaviour. Past behaviours that led to success are likely to lead to further success in the future. That is why the focus of our behavioural competencies are behaviours that have been used successfully within your organization. By defining the highly successful actions taken by your employees, we develop a profile of success that is unique to your organization.

Defining the success behaviours that enable your strategy is an an integral element for building an integrated people management system. Your organization is unique and requires different ways of being successful than others. As well, each role (or job family) requires different behaviours for success. That is why we facilitate the articulation of your behavioural competencies with those who are already successful in the role. In addition, we gather information from those who are impacted and influenced by the role. The result is our Full Circle approach to developing organization specific behavioural profiles.

Employee Authorship and Employee Ownership Are Vital For Success

Our Full Circle profiling methodology provides input that enables you to create a unique job profile that highlights behaviours, which are focused on achieving your business plan. Our multi-perspective view of the job is a key element in developing your behavioural profile. This methodology enables people to focus on open, honest and helpful communication from all levels-direct reports, peers, management, suppliers and customers. The resulting accuracy, fairness, credibility and usefulness provides higher quality information and promotes "ownership" of the profiles by your employees. We further strengthen the behavioural statements by conducting a content validation process to ensure the profile is authentic to the role. 

Some of the positive impacts that a strong, well articulated behavioural competencies have on your organization:

  • Clearly articulated definition of success for each role

  • Development opportunities for those employees that are missing their targets

  • A common language for managers and direct reports to have a conversation on performance

  • Stronger focus on those aspects of the role that make difference in success

For more information on Behavioural Competencies, check out our blog or click here. If you would like to discuss how Behavioural Competencies or our other services can help your organization, please contact us using the form here.

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