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We are often asked to differentiate between succession and career planning. Simply put the career planning process is the responsibility of the individual employee and succession planning is owned by the CEO and the responsibility of the company to ensure continuity.


When you implement an effective career planning for your employees, you are sending a clear message that your organization is invested in them for the long term. Strategic workforce planning requires looking ahead and seeing what jobs will be needed in the future. Career planning and development helps employees grow into the jobs of the future that are correct for the individual. The ongoing evolution of career planning is facilitated by the company as you add activities that provide choice for employees in how they want to grow.


Opportunities for Development are Always Listed Among the Most Important Factors for Retention


Regardless of demographic generation, people like to develop and learn new things. By providing internal avenues for personal and professional growth, you are helping to meet the needs of your people. A focus on the employee and their goals will improve their employee experience. Having a career vision will help engage employees leading to greater discretionary effort and longer tenures with your organization. Career planning will help employees develop their current performance concurrently while learning for future roles.

Providing the foundation for an employee to build a career vision will help engage employees. This will benefit your organization in a variety of ways.

  • Knowing there are opportunities, employees give greater discretionary effort

  • Longer tenures with your organization

  • Helps employees develop their current performance concurrently while learning for future possible roles

  • Heps for your organization to learn which employees want to develop and for which reasons and which employees' talent should be leveraged as role experts

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Career Planning and Development