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David Cohen's second book entitled "Inside the Box: Leading With Corporate Values to Drive Sustained Business Success" (Jossey-Bass August 2006) How to turn company values into competitive advantage. Values in business can be murky, and when times are tough, the temptation to trade those values for short-term gain can be powerful. But today’s best companies are finding that sticking to the values they believe in can be a powerful competitive advantage. Values form the basis of brand and provide a direct connection between executives, management, and frontline workers. Values can provide an organizing principle, a directional compass for planning, and a source of energy and inspiration for every employee. Inside the Box focuses on helping leaders understand what values are, where they come from, and how they can be shared, reinforced, and turned into a tactical advantage.

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“Page after page, story after story, you learn the importance of values driving sustained business success. This book is representative of who Cohen is and what he is about—an intellectual business leader whose values and life lessons provide the content for a fascinating inside look at the issues that leaders face every day.”

—Jo Lynn Williams, Human Resources Executive, Citigroup


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