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"I have found it extremely worthwhile to work with David Cohen and his team to bring greater clarity to the value set under which we operate globally and the importance of this in achieving the objectives of the Group. Over the past years we have used the tools Strategic Action Group provided to establish a desired culture within our organization."

- Ton Houben, CEO, Inalfa Roof Systems Group B.V., The Netherlands

Today's business environment is increasingly complex. With the focus on technological innovation, emerging global markets, importance of diversity, and demographic shifts in North America and Europe, organizations are finding the only consistent aspect within a corporation is the company’s culture.

Strategic Action Group, Ltd. has been working with organizations since 1991 on the establishment of integrated talent management systems that are unique to the client’s working environment and business plan.

The ability of the organization to define their own unique culture helps them overcome many of the issues commonly faced when companies mistakenly seek a corporate culture change.

Strategic Action Group, Ltd. has been ahead of the curve in developing unique and client specific solutions that enhance the quality and accuracy of human capital decisions. Strategic Action Group, Ltd. has worked with clients around the globe on creating human management activities that are focused on respecting the legacy of the culture while, at the same time, enhancing the capability of the company to meet the strategic business plan.

Our clients' success is why Strategic Action Group has become one of the most sought after Human Resources Development firms in Canada and the U.S. We have helped companies like yours build effective links between human resource and business planning processes, enabling them to meet, and exceed, their business goals.

We will help you help your people achieve your business goals with unique, individualized and highly effective techniques that set us apart from standard management programs.


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*Update - March 2017*

We are proud to present a new article that has been published about our founder and principal consultant, Dr. David Cohen. Please read it to learn about David and what makes him so passionate about the work that we do. You can also find out why we call him ‘the Contrarian Consultant’. Email us and let us know what you think about the article. You can also click here to download a pdf version.