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    Helping Organizations Align People With The Strategic Plan 


Our clients' success is why Strategic Action Group has become one of the most sought after Human Resources Development Firms in Canada and the U.S. We have helped companies like yours to build effective links between human resource and business planning processes, enabling them to meet, and exceed, their business goals. Since our founding in 1984, we've been meeting the needs of organizations by creating alignment with corporate goals that result in improved productivity. We accomplish this by:

  1.     Helping corporations articulate their values and develop a strategic vision leaving a legacy for the corporation by strengthening the culture that you want for your organization

  2.     Developing customized behavioural job profiles (competencies) aligned with the organization's business goals, values and vision.  Defining in real terms the behaviours that make a difference in everyone’s success

  3.     Defining the leadership qualities that drive organizational success and helping individuals develop these strengths through multi-source feedback

  4.     Training others to use Behavioural Interviewing ensuring the right person is in the right role improving the quality of the hiring process

  5.     Helping to implement comprehensive Succession Planning which is beyond replacement planning.  Succession Planning is building a pool of candidates with the potential to fill a variety of roles in the near term to ensure continuity of the corporate culture

  6.     Helping to improve performance conversations and integrating values and/or behavioural competencies into a comprehensive Performance Management system.  By creating a line of sight and providing meaningful objectives, individuals will gain clarity and purpose to what they do

  7.     Coaching individuals be able to hold dialogues with others to get beyond the blame mentality and excuse management and be accountable for results

  8.     Helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) make the most out of their people through strategic human resources

We strongly believe that organizational effectiveness can only be achieved through its people's efforts. This is why the key focus of our intervention is optimizing your people's performance, and it's why we created our unique profiling process.

We will help you help your people achieve your business goals with unique, individualized and highly effective techniques that set us apart from standard management programs.

"I have found it extremely worthwhile to work with David Cohen and his people to more clearly articulate our corporate direction and to bring greater clarity to the value set under which we operate... Over the past three years we have used the tools Strategic Action Group provided to establish a desired culture within our organization."

- T.W. (Ted) Pattenden, Chief Executive Officer of National Rubber Inc.


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